A new beginning

Here is to a new beginning, I do not expect it to be easy, but it is new, and it is a beginning of the next phase of my life.

Right now, on a day that I am stable enough to build a website that I have been thinking about since December, I do not have many dramatic emotions to show. I am in Hong Kong, having visited my family, extended family and friends for two weeks, I am about to travel in China tomorrow.

The last two weeks of seeing family and friends have been exhausting. I went through days of rather bad anxiety which I cried non-stop for two days. But God is good and I stablised as I began to contact my closest friends. Yesterday, over Skype, I met with my counsellor for the second time. I felt much more peaceful, knowing it is OK to listen to my body, even when I had been extremely anxious and my cognitive side has told me over and over again to ignore my feelings. I am pleased to know she thinks I have done the right thing. Even though, to be honest, my cognitive side told me not to believe in her.

I have learnt and grown so much over the past two weeks, but I will leave this post short as this for now, and will share with you later, hopefully as I travelled.

Thanks for being my good friends.




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